Who’s Answering Your Phones?

Telephone operator

Does your business or organization have qualified people answering your phones? That means more than just a warm body with a pulse that can say, “Hello…” Those individuals represent the initial face of your business to that potential new client. They are the very first introduction to your organization and contribute much to your ultimate success or failure as they help set the initial tone.

  • Do they answer telephones with a smile?

  • Do they enjoy people or simply tolerate them?

  • Are they easily stressed or frustrated?

  • Do they attract new relationships or chase them away?

  • Are they gatekeepers or problem-solvers?

The answers to these questions are a barometer to future business success. So, who’s answering your phones?

Stay the Course,

Dr. Greg Morris


Dr. Greg Morris serves as the founder and president of Leadership Dynamics™, a non-profit corporation committed to the training and development of leaders and their organizations. He has authored In Pursuit of Leadership: Principles and Practices from the Life of Moses. For more information, visit LeadershipDynamics.org, Facebook.com/LeadershipDynamics or contact  mail@LeadershipDynamics.org          You can follow Greg on Twitter at @LdshpDynamics



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